Dr. Ono Alex-Ohunyon Collaborates With Pollock Clinics​

Dr. Ono Alex-Ohunyon, the founder of Gentle Procedures Southeast, strives to be constantly up to date with medical knowledge and surgical skills in order to support his commitment to constantly exceed patient expectations.

Since the onset of his medical career, Dr. Ono has always nurtured a keen interest in advanced medical procedures. It was this interest that led him to acquire the skills to perform the Pollock Technique™ circumcision from Dr. Neil Pollock at his namesake Vancouver clinic and training centre.

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Dr. Jack Chang, Dr. Ono Alex-Ohunyon & Dr. Neil Pollock

Innovative Research About Circumcision For All Ages

Having chosen to make circumcision the primary focus of his Gentle Procedures clinic in Southeast NSW, Dr. Ono Alex-Ohunyon is now actively involved in the innovative research in circumcision techniques along with Dr. Neil Pollock and Dr. Jack Chang. Together they work to optimize circumcision procedures as well as the overall experience for babies and their families.