How Much Does Circumcision Cost in Southeast NSW?

Circumcision Fees - Southeast NSW

Our goal is to provide a high level of care while delivering surgical excellence, while still remaining competitive with our fees for circumcision and penile frenulectomy.  No referrals are needed and no hospital visit is necessary. Our patients are circumcised on an outpatient basis. We provide  virtually pain-free circumcisions and penile frenulectomies. Follow-up appointments are made in the days following the procedure.

Fees quoted below are all inclusive. Our circumcision costs are based on the age of the patient.

The single fee includes:

  • Consultation
  • Circumcision procedure
  • Anaesthetic
  • Nurse reviews
  • Dressings & supplies
  • Follow up appointment(s)

Note: check that the deposit of $284.25 has been paid otherwise patient is to pay the TOTAL fees before the rebate.
Focus eyes on the last column to the right because that is what the admin needs to add to billing (as long as the deposit is paid).


If you are considering circumcision for your son or yourself, please contact us for a consultation

Dr. Ono will assess eligiblility for surgery, taking into consideration past medical history, anatomy, allergies etc. He will also be able to answer any specific questions you may have prior to the cicumcision procedure.

Face-to-face consults will be billed directly to Medicare at no cost to you. For patients who would like the convenience of video conference, a private fee of $86.10 will apply due to Medicare restrictions. An SMS with a unique video link will be sent to you closer to your appointment time.

Circumcision 5 Days - 11 Weeks $510.30 226.05 $284.25
3 - 5 Months $647 226.05 $420.95
6 - 11 Months $806 226.05 $579.95
1 - 3 Years $965 226.05 $738.95
4 - 6 Years $1,124 226.05 $897.95
7 - 9 Years $1,284 226.05 $1,057.95
10 - 15 Years $1,443 226.05 $1,216.95
16 - 18 Years $1,599 226.05 $1,375.95
19 - 40 Years $1,761 226.05 $1,535.95
40 + $2,060 226.05 $1,833.95
Frenulectomy Any $999 180.80 $818.20
Combined Circumcision & Frenulectomy Any $2,455 312.95 $2157.75
Optional EXTRA analgesia using Penthrox inhalation Only from > 3yrs of age $90 No medicare rebate N/A

Age Based Circumcision Costs

The price for a circumcision at our Bowral circumcision clinic will be determined primarily by the patient’s age. Medicare rebates will also apply in some cases.

To get the precise cost of a circumcision please use the Cost Confirmation form.

You may also call us during clinic hours for a quick reply for pricing and appointment availability.

You can reach us after hours via the Appointment Request form as well.

We will reply fast to answer your question and schedule a circumcision appointment.

Infant Circumcision Pricing

You can request a circumcision appointment now for your son or for yourself.

We will be pleased to schedule an appointment for you, and we offer circumcision at any age for babies, boys, teens, and adult men.

If you have questions about circumcision, or regarding specific details of the process at our clinics, you may first book a consultation with Doctor Ono before you choose to book the circumcision procedure – or just contact us with your question now.

For full details on our circumcision procedure using the Pollock Technique™, please see the Our Method page. Please see below for infant circumcision costs.

Adult Circumcision Fees

Our circumcision costs are based on the age of the patient.

For a pricing confirmation for an adult circumcision procedure please use the circumcision cost confirmation form or see the adult circumcision cost overview below.

To learn more about getting circumcised at an older age please visit the dedicated Adult Circumcision page.

Confirm Costs

Circumcision procedures performed at our clinic appears to fulfill the requirements of our Muslim clients for Khitan or Khatna.

Common Questions – Circumcision Costs & Statistics

At our Gentle Procedures Clinic, we use the Pollock Technique™, proven reliable and effective in over 80,000 procedures. We use this technique because it provides a quick and virtually painless experience for the child and has world-leading positive outcomes.

We are offering circumcision for baby boys, older children, teens, and adult men.

For full details on our circumcision method, please see the Circumcision Method page.

Dr. Ono Alex-Ohunyon is the only certified provider of the Pollock Technique™ circumcision method in Southeast NSW.

A Medicare rebate may apply in some cases, based on your individual circumstances.

Please call us at our Southeast clinic for a quick confirmation.

Our clinic performs circumcisions for baby boys for many Muslim clients. Our procedure appears to fulfill the requirements of our Muslim clients for Khitan or Khatna.
We will speak with you about how to prepare for the circumcision. For infants, we recommend feeding your son before coming in for the procedure and bringing along extra diapers. We will also have you give him infant acetaminophen. This will be reviewed with you in detail, and you can read more about the steps before your boy’s circumcision on the Infant Circumcision page.

The Benefits and Costs of Circumcision

Research and scientific studies indicate that there are a number of medical benefits that can result from circumcision.

Circumcision benefits include the following:

Additional health benefits of circumcision include the following:
Because studies have indicated a link between circumcisions and improved health and lower incidence of serious, sometimes deadly diseases, demand for infant circumcision has increased.
Potential risks of circumcision​ :

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