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Circumcision for baby boys at 30 days


Baby Circumcision

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Adult Circumcision

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Gentle Procedures Southeast offers:

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  • Reliable Surgical Care
  • Virtually Painless Procedures Under Long-Acting Local Anaesthetic
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  • Convenient Location in Bowral, serving the Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Nowra and Jervis Bay

Circumcision with the Pollock Technique™

Our Gentle Procedures Clinic is the only provider of Pollock Technique™ circumcision in the Southern Highlands and Wollongong. Our modern methods allow for a quick and virtually painless circumcision procedure for babies, boys, teens and adult men.

Our approach is faster than conventional methods and can offer improved cosmetic outcomes.

Procedures are done under local anaesthesia at our Bowral circumcision clinic location, and we believe we can offer one of the most comfortable circumcision experiences available in Australia, and in the world.

Your Local NSW Circumcision Doctor

Dr. Ono Alex-Ohunyon has lived in Germany, South Africa, Nigeria and Australia, providing him with varied experiences in many different healthcare systems. He holds a Masters in International Public Health and Health Management from UNSW.

Dr. Ono has special interests in aged care, men’s health, and has a Diploma in Child Health and a Professional and Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine.

Furthermore, Dr. Ono is heavily involved with the local hospitals as a Visiting Medical Officer. He also assists with caesarean sections and works in the Emergency Department at Bowral Hospital.

In his spare time, Ono enjoys playing soccer, improving his carpentry skills and taking road trips with his young family.

Newborn & Infant Circumcision

Gentle Procedures Clinic in Southeast NSW offers virtually painless circumcision for baby boys, as well as procedures for older boys and adult men.

Our primary method, the Pollock Technique™, is known to be quick and effective, as well as relatively comfortable.

Infant circumcision procedures are performed in just a few minutes.

Our circumcision doctor uses the most complete and extensive pain control methods available.

This ensures that your son will feel little or no pain at all.

The objective of the Pollock Technique™ is to minimize stress on the infant and family via maximum pain control and a quick and simple procedure.

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What is Our Circumcision Method?

The Pollock Technique™ for circumcision is a virtually painless method involving the use of a Mogen clamp under long-acting local anaesthetic. 

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Contact us any time at our Southeast circumcision clinic serving the Southern Highlands and Wollongong, and we will be pleased to answer your questions or schedule an appointment.

The Pollock Technique™ is our preferred method because of our commitment to provide world-class care.

Adult Circumcision in the Southern Highlands and Wollongong

Adult men come to our dedicated circumcision clinic in Bowral from across Southeast NSW, and beyond.

With our combination of local anaesthetic and quick surgical technique, and our use of skin glue, we provide a comfortable and convenient adult circumcision procedure for men who come to our clinic from the Highlands, Illawarra, Nowra, Jervis Bay, Mittagong, etc.

Gentle Procedures is the only certified provider of both Pollock Technique™ and Shang Ring adult circumcision in Australia.

Southeast Circumcision Clinic Serving The Southern Highlands & Wollongong to Jervis Bay

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